Sarpy County, NE
WLA Consulting, Inc. was tasked with preparing a detailed implementation schedule for the work plan elements in Sarpy County’s Storm Water Management Plan, which is part of the NPDES permit issued by the NDEQ. WLA provided and implemented stategies for reducing pollution into the Papillion Creek Watershed. By actively addressing the issue of pollution prevention and by establishing Best Management Practices, development and growth in the county will provide inherent economic benefits without impacting our natural resources.

As the first step in implementing the Storm Water Management Plan, WLA partnered with Sarpy County’s Geographic Information System (GIS) staff members to collect and organize information regarding the county’s storm water system. WLA gathered field data pertaining to the storm water drainage patterns and outfalls for approximately 24 square miles of developed land and prepared a comprehensive storm water map for the county. All map-related work was completed in ArcGIS format and supplemented with AutoCAD format as required for details. The storm water system map is linked to Sarpy County’s GIS system and is easily accessible for future modifications.