Lincoln, NE
The Theresa St. Liquid Waste Handling Facility in Lincoln, NE handles and treats a wide range of liquid wastes generated in Lincoln, NE. These wastes include raw septage, food waste, grease, industrial processing wastewater, and sand/mud sumps. the facility has two waste holding tanks with submersible mixers that feed to anaerobic digesters. The facility has experienced offensive odors that will be addressed with the addition of a vapor phase odor control system. WLA recommended a two stage bio-trickling filter system with synthetic permanent rock media. It is most desirable to install permanent synthetic media which is low maintenance and requires a smaller footprint than does organic filter media for similar treatment capacity. The system is skid-mounted and comes with all equipment pre-installed. WLA worked with Biorem and the Theresa St. Liquid Waste Handling Facility to install a skid mounted biofiltration unit for odor control.