Omaha, NE
Roberts Dairy generates approximately 110,000 gallons of wastewater per day. The alternating use of high and low pH cleaning solutions for equipment sanitization generates a wastewater pH that varies widely throughout the day. WLA was selected to provide engineering services for the design of an industrial wastewater equalization system to maintain compliance with the effluent limits of the City of Omaha. The design included identification of all domestic waste lines to be separated from treatment, as well as development of a domestic and process wastewater separation plan. Chemical costs were minimized by optimizing an equalization basin in order to utilize high pH process wastewater typically generated from the facility. This allowed the neutralization of low pH spikes created by the clean-in-line process. This design substantially reduced the need for chemical pH neutralization, eliminated wastewater compliance issues, and minimized chemical costs and the effect on existing operations.