With the complexities of the Safe Drinking Water Act and diminishing water supply quality and quantity, municipalities and others who are responsible for providing water supply face significant challenges in the upcoming years. Unique solutions and an understanding of water supply and treatment will be required. Typical projects may include:

  • Comprehensive Water System Studies
  • Development of Groundwater and Surface Water Display
  • Transmission Mains and Distribution Systems
  • Water Supply Storage
  • Pumping Stations
  • Water Treatment
  • Funding Development Assistance


WLA has experience providing professional engineering services for municipalities and their challenges with maintaining and upgrading their wastewater collection system and treatment infrastructure. Municipalities plan their projects and their respective engineering fees years in advance. Generally, they are published in a Capital Improvement Plan (CIP). Typical projects include:

  • Facility Planning and Assessment
  • Coordination and Analysis of Geotechnical Testing
  • Comprehensive Water System Studies
  • Nutrient Management Plans
  • Preparation of State Operating and Construction Permits
  • NRCS/EQIP Design and Documentation
  • Construction Administration
  • Odor Control
  • Public Hearing Assistance
  • Animal Waste and Runoff Collection, Transfer, Pumping, Storage and Facility Treatment Design