WLA provides engineering review and verification of renewable fuel production facilities that must comply with 40 CFR Part 80 Subpart M Renewable Fuel Standard.  As described in §80.1450(b)(2) of the standard, WLA meets the requirements for professional certification and licensing, independence and experience. 

The process for the independent engineering review includes:

  • Review facility and process description(s)
  • Review process flow diagrams, process and instrumentation diagrams, feedstock lists and energy sources
  • Visit production facility and verify data reviewed
  • Prepare final report and issue by registered chemical engineer
  • Submit report to producer and maintain a copy as required by EPA

WLA’s chemical engineers are licensed in Nebraska, South Dakota, Iowa, Kansas and Missouri.  Our location means we can reach many biofuels plants in a few hours.  Contact Tom Senne or Fred Scarpello for additional information regarding the verification process.