Process Design

WLA provides process design and applied chemical engineering services to a wide range of process industries. Our services range from a few hours of advice to complete process design and construction supervision. Our process engineers assist our client’s staff with evaluation of their manufacturing processes, and then recommend design changes or process modifications to meet the objectives of the company.

Equipment Design

WLA’s engineers can design process equipment to meet the specific needs of your operations. Typical examples include (but are not limited to) storage tanks, reactors, distribution systems, heat exchange systems, fermentation equipment, separation equipment, wastewater treatment, and drying equipment. We also work with equipment suppliers to specify and evaluate the best solutions for your production needs.

Construction Management

In today’s economy, manufacturers often do not have staff with enough time to supervise construction. Unanswered questions lead to project delays, mistakes and cost overruns. WLA provides construction management services to make sure your project stays on track.

Facility Design & Layout

Great facility design is necessary to maximize efficiency and safety. We can work with you to modify your existing plant layout to achieve new objectives, or assist with design of new facilities and expansions.

Project Management

Since the staffing levels and experience of our clients’ staff varies, WLA is prepared to offer whatever levels of management services are necessary to ensure that your project moves forward as planned.

Lean Manufacturing

“Lean manufacturing” and its relatives are being used increasingly often by manufacturers and service industries to quickly increase capacity and lower costs without investing large amounts of capital. WLA’s services include value stream mapping and kaizen support.