Waverly, NE
Tecumseh Poultry operates two free-range organic chicken farms that raise, fabricate and process fresh poultry. Tecumseh Poultry’s packaging plant, located in Waverly, NE, produces process wastewater discharged to the City of Waverly POTW. The flows are from three primary sources: sanitary waste, heating/cooling, and sanitation and equipment washdown. The discharge from Tecumseh Poultry is contaminated with oil and grease from equipment washdown and sanitation. Before discharging to the City of Waverly POTW, Tecumseh Poultry is required to reduce the quantity of fats and greases in their wastewater. WLA modified the existing discharge permit for the facility to include the construction of a fats/grease pretreatment facility, and completed the preliminary and final designs for the pretreatment works.

After sampling and flow

analysis, a pump station wet well, an equalization storage tank and a GEM unit were installed to separate grease and oil from the wastewater. The separated grease goes to a sludge storage tank that is emptied by a sludge truck and the wastewater is sent to the City of Waverly POTW. WLA worked with Tecumseh Poultry and Clean Water Technology, Inc. to install the GEM unit (Gas Energy Mixing System 20/75), which efficiently separates oil and grease from Tecumseh’s discharge.