Lincoln, NE
Duncan Aviation in Lincoln, Nebraska operates an aircraft maintenance and repair facility, including airframe and engine maintenance, paint and interior refurbishment, and avionics repair, installations and line work. This facility employs over 1400 team members. Duncan’s facilities generate hazardous waste, emit criteria pollutants to the air, and pre-treat wastewater before discharge to the City of Lincoln sanitary sewer system. In the summer of 2006, Duncan Aviation’s senior management team decided to improve the performance of its environmental efforts and reduce the risk of non-compliance with environmental regulations. WLA was hired to assist Duncan with the preparation of an Environmental Management System (EMS) to provide an integrated and coordinated approach to environmental management and compliance.
The EMS has already facilitated reduced air emissions and hazardous waste generation. There is now greater awareness of environmental issues throughout the organization and increased support for the environmental team. Before new products are brought into the facility, the “hidden costs” of waste disposal and air emissions are calculated to assist with cost analysis. All team members are supportive of the introduction of more environmentally friendly products, and aware of the need to minimize the use of harsher materials. The EMS is based upon the concept of continual improvement. Audits are

conducted regularly to make sure the system is being followed, and evaluations of opportunities for improving the EMS are part of the process.