Professional Environmental Solutions

Nebraska Counties

Professional Environmental Solutions (PES) and WLA have developed a partnership to provide professional services for Cattle Livestock Waste Control Facilities in Nebraska.  WLA completed the engineering planning, layout and design for the facilities.  Designs typically include sediment basins, diversion berms, lift stations, piping and holding ponds.  WLA also assisted in the coordination of surveying and geotechnical testing activities and prepares the state operating and construction permit applications.  Construction inspection services are provided to protect the integrity of the designs.  Projects completed or in progress to date include:

  • Jenkins Feedlot – Platte County (5,000 beef feeder)
  • Stromberger Feedyard – Chase County  (10,000 beef feeder)
  • Wiggins Feedyard – Morrill County  (5,000 beef feeder)
  • Cantrell Feedlots – Custer County  (10,000 beef feeder)
  • Real Cattle Company – York County  (10,000 beef feeder)
  • Hass Feedlot – Morrill County  (2,000 beef feeder)