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WLA Consulting, Inc. (WLA) was founded in 2005 by Tom Senne, P.E., Brian Mulinix, P.E. and Fred Scarpello, P.E.  The founders, who are all chemical engineers, created the company to focus on applying process engineering principles to environmental challenges.  This unique approach positions the company to solve difficult problems.  Since many of our projects include a process engineering component, WLA is now applying these skills beyond environmental projects. 

Our Mission

WLA’s Mission: To provide cost-effective solutions to meet the needs of our clients.

Our Employees

WLA has assembled a team of professionals that want to work together towards our company vision and purpose. Our team wants to keep the promises we make to our clients and deliver quality solutions to them on time. We are invested in improving the quality of the water, land and air.

Our employees have come to work for WLA because of our values and what we have to offer them for their professional careers as well as what we have to offer for their personal lives. Our employees know that we want them to maintain a balance in their lives both professionally and personally.

Our Values


We believe in having open and honest communication, doing what we say we will do, leading by example, sharing information and keeping our promises.


We value professional behavior, honesty and truthfulness.

Work Ethic

We endeavor to complete projects on time and within budget, demonstrate high energy, take pride in project outcome, take ownership and responsibility for results and ensure our work reflects quality and commitment.


We consistently deliver products and services that are accurate, thorough and meet client expectations through effective communication with the team and the client.

Innovation and Creativity

We strive to take a fresh approach to problem solving, apply technology in new ways and provide an environment where new ideas and solutions are alway welcome.